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Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big is a study of the greatest risk takers of the last 200 years. People like Amelia Earhart, Mark Zuckerburg, and many others. Their story fits nicely into what I call my life-wealth plan. It’s a prescription, a blue-print for success, both professionally and personally. The fearless and crazy choices these people made, the flat-out entrepreneurial

genius they possessed, all reflect the life-wealth plan.

What exactly is life-wealth? Life-wealth goes beyond money. It is a physical and mental state. It’s a powerful feeling of personal satisfaction for today and a confidence in the constant improvement in your life, career, and wealth for tomorrow. It’s believing that

success and accomplishment are yours, if not right now, soon. It’s living a life that is wealthy in every way. People talk a lot about fulfilling their dreams. Personally, I don’t like reaching for dreams; dreams are for sleepers. I want people to achieve life-wealth, which is a higher state of accomplishment than mere dreams and wishful thinking. Life-wealth is real, tangible.

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So who is this crazy and
fearless entrepreneur
and why should you
listen to him?

My name is Arthur Wylie, Serial Entrepreneur. I began what eventually became my $475 million financial services company, Arthur Wylie Wealth Management—an enterprise that managed assets and transactions throughout the United States—in my college dorm room in the 1990s. And I did it with a stack of fresh credit cards. As I’m sure you’ll recall, credit card companies were marketing themselves everywhere and anywhere in those days, including on college campuses. You could pick up simple card applications at just about any restaurant, shop, or gas station.

Once the cards started rolling in, I had access to more than $100,000 in untapped credit. I charged some office supplies, installed a few phone lines, printed up some business cards, and—boom—Arthur Wylie Wealth Management was born right there in the dorms of the University of North Carolina–Charlotte (UNCC).

It worked; the company quickly blossomed. I was able to juggle my credit payments and finesse my debt—until I finally didn’t need all that plastic anymore. The way I got to where I am today is by making sure that everything I do is of the highest possible value for the people I work with

And that’s what I’m doing for you today.

I’ve created this material you see here so that you can learn some of the critical aspects of being an entrepreneur: The vision needed to see an opportunity and seize it, the appropriate planning to understand and mitigate risk, the execution, as well as marketing and networking for your business.

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